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om-sample for bpc

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Hello friends,

Because of the interest in the gestural control/arrangement, I am working on the idea to reorganize the pitch and rhythm in “chord-seq” with the gesture in BPC/BPF, the function are written but it is based on the “om-sample” and “bpc”.

The method om-sample works not perfectly for the BPC class now, it will lose some points at the end of the graph, and usually the first point was repeated and sometimes the length of the points will not match the second input. (see patch)

Could you please help me to optimalize it?

Thank you very much!

Best regards,
Jialin Liu

Juillet 13, 2018 à 08:46 #27117
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I don’t know if useful, and I don’t know why, but if you substitute the first BPC of every example with a BPF class it seems to correctly run.



Juillet 13, 2018 à 13:21 #27124
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Francesco Vitale

Hi all,
indeed, as Jialin pointed out, there seems to be some problems in OM with the BPC (not with the BPF) sampling. In addition to the issues already found, I noticed that using the bpc-sample function does not help either.
Francesco Vitale

Juillet 13, 2018 à 13:33 #27125
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Hi Fabio and Francesco,

Thank you for the reply!
Yes the BPF works very well. However, my imagination is to get the same distance (of route) between every two points, (and with BPF I get this same distance on the x-axis, not on the route.)
I’ll translate the curve to musical gesture. If there are bigger motion (y) in shorter time (x), then, more tones will be arranged into this shorter time (shorter distance on x-axis).

This morning I have wrote an emergency version of that “om-sample-pro”, and it could just be used for bpc. In case you need it, you can also test it.

Jialin Liu

Juillet 13, 2018 à 14:18 #27126
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Hi there, I have just updated the OM sources in order to fix the issues with om-sample BPC regarding number of points, etc.

In principle om-sample will sample the BPC curve so that the euclidian distance between 2 samples is always the same.


Juillet 27, 2018 à 14:19 #27271
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Hello Jean,

Thank you for the updating! That is definitely what I imagined, very kind!


Juillet 29, 2018 à 05:13 #27294

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