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OpenMusic 6.12 Mac OS X 10.11.6 – Audio Problems

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Hello everyone,

I have OpenMusic 6.12 installed in Mac OS X 1.11.6 and by default it won’t recognize the in-built system in the audio preferences (the option menu is empty). I seem to have found a way around this by running other audio programs before running OM, but I have to keep them open in the background. Are any of you aware of a bug or, perhaps, some conflicts with other programs/libraries? Any help is much appreciated!

Octobre 29, 2017 à 19:46 #24161
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Hi — this problem has been reported and found in several cases, that I can not really link to any particular setup so far.
It seems that removing the “preferences.lisp” from your workspace folder might solve it, but not permanently.
Let me know if that works.

Octobre 30, 2017 à 15:01 #24176
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Thank you Jean. Actually unfortunately nothing changed. Gladly, this other solution (I always have to open Finale before running OM) seems to be the only way around so far. If I am not wrong it has been reported that Finale has some conflicts with some of the waves plugins. Do you know if there have been any reports about conflicts between OM and Finale? I was not able to find anything about this.

Thank you again

Octobre 30, 2017 à 20:44 #24177
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Dear JCSound

I had the same problems.. did you try new installing after updating your mac? I solved that problem by deinstallation- turn of mac complete( no newstart) and then new installing OM.

I am using two macs with 10.11.6
on the on I use in preferences MIDI Default score player : midi player ; MIDI I/0 ports setup -> out simple synth
on the other one I must choose ————————–: osc score player (port set up is the same)

I don’t know why but like this its working..
maybe you can try new installing and trying different default score players.. and also necessary open simple synth before opening OM

Good Luck! :)

Octobre 30, 2017 à 22:49 #24182
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Hi there — I’m not sure what you are talking about anymore.

There’s two different things: MIDI and Audio. They’re each handled on a different tab of the Preferences, and in principle have no relation to one another.

– The MIDI system could depend on which program is previously open, etc. since MIDI devices are detected by OM at startup. After a change in MIDI devices, you might need to restart OM to have it taken into account.
Note that using your Mac’s IAC buses is a good solution to avoid this — see

– I am not aware of any such behaviour with the Audio system, and as far as I know, Finale should not have so much to do with it either — not sure about that.


Octobre 31, 2017 à 10:09 #24191
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Dear J

it makes no sense but I had the experience when I couldn’t access on the Audio Preference menu (no sr() ), and then changing something in the midi menu f.i. the default player – I got the access for the Audio menu back.. 😀 but maybe it was only happenstance..

Thanks for this link.

Best L

Octobre 31, 2017 à 12:49 #24195

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