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OM-Orchidée library

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Dear all,

I posted a similar question earlier, but I was wondering what was happening with all the orchidée “stuff” that was on the earlier Forumnet that just suddenly …vanished…

Will it appear again ? I had Orchidée included in my Computer assisted composition course this year… (this is not a very good surprise).

A bit of feedback on this would be quite appreciated.


Pierre Michaud
Professeur adjoint de composition
Université de Montréal

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Décembre 3, 2012 à 16:08 #2851
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See the original reply here.

In short: It’ll reappear again, in a more solid state within a few months! Stay tuned.

Décembre 3, 2012 à 16:41 #2854
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Hello Pierre,

Were you using the OM-Orchidée library (in OpenMusic), or Orchidée with its Orchis Max client ?



Décembre 6, 2012 à 11:34 #2921
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Hi everyone!

It’s long time since i’ve been looking for OM library Orchidée. I want start working with it and, for the moment, I haven’t can found it.

What can I do to have it to install in my computer?

Thanks in advance!


Octobre 20, 2013 à 17:14 #6344
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Hi Otto,

OM-Orchidée is no longer distributed, simply because Orchidée is not available anymore, and the OM library is not very useful (not to say, useless) without the Orchidée server running with it (OM-Orchidée is considered a “client” of the Orchidée server).
Would you use it “alone” ? (if so, I could make it available somehow..)


Octobre 22, 2013 à 11:35 #6438
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I don’t know exactly what I could do with OM-Orchidée “alone” by itself but, yes, I would use it…

Jean, just a few questions. Why Orchidée is no longer available? And… it has been released another way to do what Orchidée did?

Thansk in advance!

Octobre 28, 2013 à 16:43 #6556
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OK: I will try to pack a “working” version of OM-Orchidée and make it available somewhere [then I’ll post an update on this forum]

About Orchidée, this is not the right forum to discuss this but the project is on the process of being seriously reactivated..
[there is a recent thread with more info here]

Octobre 28, 2013 à 21:53 #6566
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thank you so much!

I hope hard working soon! 😉


Octobre 29, 2013 à 10:39 #6568
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OM-Orchidée 1.2 is available for download here:

WARNING: OM-Orchide DOES NOT contain the Orchidée server

The library contains the SOUNDTARGET object/editor allowing to specify orchestration targets, the ORCHESTRA object/editor allowing to specify the composition of an orchestra, a set of tools and functions for client/server communication with the Orchidée server (useless with no server) and for importing and converting Orchidée solutions as POLY or SOUND (idem).

Octobre 31, 2013 à 15:48 #6654
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As well as many other OM users I am also interested in using OM-Orchidee library.Does anybody knows if and when the Orchidee server will be in function again? (9 month ago it was predicted to be available in two month.)

Many greetings!

Août 16, 2014 à 17:08 #10281
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Sorry for the bump, but I too am very curious about the Orchidée progress – it seems like an absolutely indispensable tool to any composer who would use it. Please do advise us of its current status.


Septembre 24, 2014 à 14:18 #10557
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Nigel et al.

The “Orchestration” technology of IRCAM will be released in the upcoming IRCAM Forum Workshops this November at latest. Its product name is going to be Orchids. We will also have a special event during Forum Workshops for the launch.

Stay tuned.

Septembre 24, 2014 à 14:21 #10558
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Francesco Vitale

Septembre 24, 2014 à 14:22 #10559
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J’ai téléchargé Orchid, j’ai bien l’interface comme indiqué sur la vidéo sauf qu’il me manque le principal, la banque de données (le SOL folder)

Que dois je faire pour avoir accès à la base ?

En vous remerciant

Juillet 24, 2018 à 23:07 #27246
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Le groupe/forum Orchids vous sera surement plus utile:

Juillet 25, 2018 à 08:00 #27260

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