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search way to get lists from X*n

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Hi All

I’m excusing for creating another topic ..

I want to create lists with different amounts- from a list with y elements.
I made a sketch so its more clear to understand (sc)

theres a list with y amount of numbers
then in first list I want X numbers in this sketch its 7
then in second list I want 7*2 numbers but the first 7 should be the same and only added 7 new
then in third list I want 7*3 numbers -> the first 14 (7*2) should be the same and agin it should add 7 new
and so on..

in this example till 7*5

I think its possible with loop but I don’t get it how to make it .. 😀 and in wich mode should the random function be?

hope for s.b. its intelligible :)

Thanks a lot <3

Best L

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Novembre 1, 2017 à 11:52 #24231
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Hi Lena,

Your explanation is not very clear but i think i understand your problem.
First :
you don’t need the repeat-n to multiply an atom (number here) with a list. om* will do just fine.

Second :
when using random (here nth-random) with multiple outputs connected to it and you need it to be one result each evaluation, you just have to put your nth-random in eval-once mode by selecting it, typing b and clicking one time on the cross which will become a “1” symbol.

If you need an example, please do send your patch i will fix it for you.


Novembre 1, 2017 à 13:20 #24234
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Dear Karim

thanks for reply! :)

-to first ..I think I need that n-repeat because of the source the nth-random is drawing, but you couldn’t know its not in screenshot..

-to second: in 1-mode he is only taking one atom and putting it 7 times in list but I want 7 severals in one list;
and then the list step by step expand by 7 keeping the previous lists of 7 atoms and add a list of 7 atoms..

maybe its more clear if you see the patch..
would be magnificent if you could fix it :)

thanks a lot!

Best L

Novembre 1, 2017 à 14:16 #24235
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Ok, i think i begin to understand.

However, still, do you need repeated elemts sometime or the list should be as in the original without repeated elmts ?


Novembre 1, 2017 à 15:40 #24238
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.. I don’t know, sorry 😀

could you make an example, please?
But in case I don’t know what you mean I think I don’t need repeated elements at the moment..

Best L

Novembre 1, 2017 à 17:13 #24239
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Maybe this ?

Novembre 1, 2017 à 17:59 #24240
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Dear K,

thanks for that! :) .. as you know I am not using OM so very long so I am not too good reading it only like that,.. I need the patch to see it more graphic 😀


Novembre 1, 2017 à 20:56 #24243
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here it is

Novembre 1, 2017 à 22:50 #24244
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Dear Karim,

yes thats it!! :)
Thank you very, very much! <3

Best L

(PS: the evaluation of loop2, not only last element)

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Novembre 2, 2017 à 09:32 #24247

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