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segmentation violation

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Hello friends,

One Question about Segmentation Violation (11), see attachments.. Does that also happen with you?

Since Friday I got these problem, and it occurs today more and more often. (in last hour 3 times crashed…)
I used the Lisp editor to write code and test them in graphical environments as usual.. Then the Error Message came suddenly without warning and the whole thing was blocked down.

Why does it occur? How could I avoid it, or is there perhaps a way to rescue the last lines of code through the popped-up terminal, when the OM was blocked.

Thank you, It will be very helpful!

Best regard,

Avril 22, 2018 à 01:31 #26357
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Hi Jialin — sorry I can not really tell what happens here.
When you get a Terminal window with a possibility to type in, the command “:b” sometimes allows to get a useful backtrace of the error (the sequence of function calls yielding the error). If that works, “:bb” gives you an even more detailed backtrace.

Mai 3, 2018 à 08:28 #26467
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Hi Jean,

I have found a way to avoid this problem.
This problem comes usually by typing “e” to check the lisp source file of the function. If the lisp source file already opened before, it could result in the segmentation violation.
So, close all the lisp editor, before open a new one.

Thank you for the help!


Juin 27, 2018 à 22:42 #26880

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