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Set BPF range

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Hi, I would like to know if there’s a way to set the display range of a BPF.
Say, for example, that I have data between 90 and 99 and that I would like it to appear between 0 and 100 in the object (that is, in the top part of the window). At the moment, what I see is that the object automatically displays the data between the min/max values, and I would like to know if we can do otherwise.

Thanks for any help!

Juillet 26, 2018 à 20:18 #27262
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I resolved it by appending extra BPFs with the min/max values I wanted at x=0 (and thus using bpf-lib), this does the trick, but if there’s a more elegant way (other than adjusting each bpf by hand in the editor), je suis preneur!

Juillet 27, 2018 à 20:57 #27272
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Hello Jimmie, unfortunately there’s no way to set the display range other than manually in the editor.

Another trick is to add the two points (0 min) (0 max) at the beginning of your BPF — but then you need to remove them for further processing of the BPF data.
Besides this works only if the min/max are lower/higher than all values in your BPF, not if you want to get a sort of “zoomed-in” display.

This is an interesting feature to think about in the future (as well as the possibility to set editor attributes in general — e.g. staves in scores, etc.)


Juillet 28, 2018 à 08:38 #27276

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