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Windows vs Mac

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I have OpenMusic on my Windows 8.1 box, but I want to run the MicroPlayer, which is Mac only. What is the recommended MAC to use? Does OpenMusic and MicrpPlayer run on iPads? Could I create patches on the Windows machine and transfer them through the network to an iPad or iMac to run? I have quite a lot invested in Windows machinery and software, but the control over microtones that OpenMusic gives is quite appealing.

Juin 30, 2018 à 02:06 #26932
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OpenMusic only runs on macOS (not iOS, therefore, no iPad or iPhone).
But yes, your OM-Windows patches will open and run on a Mac, no problem.

Also, you can use the “OSC player” option in score object to get the exact pitch sent out as OSC: then you can build your own microtonal synth in another software compatible with OSC.
This project is an example of such software synth programmed in Max, which does pretty much the same as OM’s microplayer (probably even better):

Hope this helps,

Juillet 21, 2018 à 09:42 #27207

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