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Eigenmike encoding, issues with order 1 and 3 components

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(edit: sorry, I don’t know why I switched to french)

Hello everybody!

I have an eigenmike recording, 32 channels. I would like to encode it and decode it with spat. When I use spat.eigenencode~ @order 4 (no mater what the order is, the same issues happen), the outputs for orders 1 and 3 are noise, is that normal?

It is not white noise, and I don’t think either it is a issue with the buffer size (I tried different buffer sizes, up to 2048 samples. Example of this noise enclosed.

Would you have any idea? I could use the MH acoustics encoder but I would rather do everything in spat if possible.



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  1. signalBruite.wav
Octobre 30, 2017 à 10:38 #24162
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Hello Laurent,

The spat.eigenencode~ object currently shipped with spat is quite buggy.
To be honest, this was an early prototype and I’d recommend not to use it.

The object/algorithm has been completely revamped and it will be included in a forthcoming major release.
I’ll send you a private beta shortly.


Octobre 30, 2017 à 11:01 #24166
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Great, thank you!

Have a nice day.


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Octobre 30, 2017 à 11:19 #24171

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