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tutorial 9 Reverb

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I’m new to Spat and browsing some of the tutorials. If anyone has looked at it in depth, I’d like to understand if there is not something confusing in tuto 9.
It’s nothing major, but since I am still uncertain about a lot of things, I’d like to get a clear picture of as many elements as possible.

Toturial 9 shows how to build a custom reverb. Subpatch [source-early-cluster] has another sub patch, [route room instance]. I have checked the contents, and technically, route cannot be set on anything else than the value 1 that was hard coded, since the “reverb” parameter of the source is followed by “gain”. In the patch, [route reverb] is connected to [route int]. Since it’s an example patch, designed to function with anything else than “source 1″, it doesn’t prevent the patch from functioning. But it draws my attention regarding the source properties that are sent through [route reverb] and the syntax of the different source and room modules.



Août 6, 2015 à 10:04 #14442
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Hi Coralie,
I can see how the routing scheme in that tutorial could be confusing — it’s designed to by dynamic (e.g. for use with poly~), and provides a centralized way to set the source ID number. You can think of the [loadmess set 1] object as being a placeholder for [loadbang] -> [thispoly~] -> [prepend set]. Since each spat source has it’s own direct, early, and cluster parameters, all of these settings are sent from [spat.oper_] (note the underscore) as prepended with “source 1″ or “source 2″, “source 3″, etc. Many sources can share the same “room” (i.e. late reverb), which has its own set of parameters distinct from each source’s individual settings.

I hope this clears things up —

I would say more that tutorial shows the *possibility* of creating a custom reverb structure, by demonstrating how to recreate the classic spat perceptual model with low-level objects.

all the best,

Août 6, 2015 à 15:59 #14443
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Thanks Rama,

I figured it was something of the kind. It’s not really a spat specific issue, more a programming issue.



Août 12, 2015 à 09:17 #14463

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