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Kainan University

Kainan University began life as the Kainan Commercial & Technical High School, which was founded in 1917 and soon earned type reputation of being the finest commercial and technical high school in Taiwan. It was not until January 1990, however, that the dream of our alumni for Kainan to be upgraded to a university began to be realized, with the establishment of a preparatory committee for Kainan Institute of Technology.

Since March 16, 2000, when our university received Official sanction, students have enrolled in ever-increasing numbers. In our first year, the university consisted of seven departments and some 600 students who began their freshmen year with us. On April 13, 2006, Kainan received official accreditation as a full university. Today thousands of students are currently enrolled and can choose courses from sixteen different departments. Taiwan is starting to see the high value of a Kainan education as our graduates enter the workforce, and we are proud to have blossomed into a fully accredited university with limitless prospects. Once a small technical school, today we boast faculty and visiting students from all over the world, an office for international programs, and relationships with prestigious schools abroad, as well as a vast and beautiful campus. Kainan University has com a long way since 1917 and promises to continue its rapid development as a world-class academic institution.

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論文、演講發表/Paper Presentation & Lectures

卓越樓 B110: 國際會議廳/Zhuo Ye Hall (B Building) B110: International Conference Hall

Conference hall01 Conference hall02

音樂發表/ Music Concert

卓越樓 B103: 國際會議廳/Zhuo Ye Hall(B Building) B103: International Conference Hall

Conference hall03 Conference hall04

卓越樓/Zhuo Ye Hall (B Building)