Basic Information


Fraction is Eric Raynaud, an experimental and electroacoustic music composer & sound plastician currently living in Paris (France). After a 8 years carrier as an indie rock band leader, he ditched in his guitar and her pedal distortion in 2005 while living in Boston (USA) for a laptop and his virtual tools then began kicking out the jams under the name of FRACTION. He first appears on the famous Berlin based imprint Shitkatapult in 2006, then releases two albums on french net label Plastiqpassion. He signed with record label Infne in 2008, and releases a first record before several remixes. Then in 2011, he composes and produced Composer’s avant-pop album The Edges of The world, also released by Infine.

In the same time he creates a digital arts lab names Les Creatures, in which he synthesizes a pronounced liking for experimentations with real time processing, and multi channels design. He recently produced immersive AV surround performance Dromos that received support from CNC (French National Center of Cinematography) before being commissioned by SAT of Montreal, and featured during Mutek festival in the satosphere.

Alongside this challenging piece development, he’s now focusing on multi channels composition and digital installations. His work based on rhythm deconstruction, timbral chaos, apparent disorder, processing of synthetic and acoustics sources, places his approach in the legacy of french pioneer of GRM and innovative composer like E.Varese who invented the notion of Organized Sound.