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new MuBu release 1.9.8 (OSX and Windows)

A New MuBu and Co release for OS X and Windows is available here:


Release Notes

– added resample audio files on load (attribute disabled by default)
– added @resample option in readfile /readfolder
– paste of buffer works now on empty destination container
– added writealltracks method (It exports the content of tracks in a different file for each one)
– added @track @buffer options to writeall/readall messages

– display optimisations in Wave & Multiwave editors
– fixed crash with NaN values in multibpf view
– allbuffersvisible attribute works now also for wave/multiwave
– added “domainoffset” attribute useful to display offset with Wave/Multiwave on buffer~

– added resample audio input attribute (disabled by default):
with this option concats and granulars resample audio tracks to the system sr
and store them in memory. This generates an memory overhead but no cpu overhead at runtime;
– fixed default max period to unlimited, allow to set and reset limit (second arg 0)
– resamples audio inputs to the system sr

– fixed crash with clearall when analysis is running
– can define nonnum type for output track

– several other minor bug fixes and optimisations
– several crash fixed for Max 8

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