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part of Antescofo

AscoGraph – the Antescofo graphical editor

A visual editor for Antescofo


AscoGraph is the new Antescofo graphical editor

Main features

  • automatic conversion from MusicXML or MIDI scores to Antescofo Language,
  • automatic scrolling of notes view and editor view with Antescofo Score Follower (using OpenSoundControl)
  • note selection from editor or visual, in both directions for fast and easy modifications : double click on a line in the text editor to see which note it is in the pianoroll,
  • graphical editing of curves objects (break point functions)
  • syntax coloring, group folding, etc.
  • Template group (group, loop, curve, whenever, oscsend,…) creation.
  • OSC automatic communication with Antescofo (start, play, stop, nextevent, reloadscore on save, etc…)
  • simulation and graphical display of performance.



Advanced curve editing : 

curves_manyTemplate group creation:



Curve interpolation types selection: 


Ascograph is built on OpenFrameworks, version 72 and a modified ofxTimeline by James George.