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Forum Max Apps

Collections of Max6 patches that allow rapid use of IRCAM Forum audio technologies.

The Forum Max Apps are collections of Max6 applications that allows rapid use of audio technologies at IRCAM Forum in Max. Technologies addressed in the package include:

Forum Max Apps patches are available for free to the community. However, they require base technologies available in the Forum.

Principal Functions

From a navigation patch, users can browse various applications grouped in simple to advanced examples showcasing underlying technologies with tutorials on their functionalities, or their complete musical applications within a programming and musical workflow.

The navigator gives access to several application themes, each treating specific technologies: live sound transformations, synthesis, analysis or spatialization. User is invited to study example patches and test their effects on their own, and reuse the patches of their interest in their own work involving Forum technologies in Max.

Special effort is given to provide reusable patches in Max as well as devices for Max For Live.

Forum Max Apps are developed as a collaboration between IRCAM and  Manuel Poletti at studio Etlanuit/Music Unit.