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Musique Lab 2

Music Lab 2 is an environment designed to assist teachers in the musical instruction of students from middle school through university level. It is based on IRCAM's OpenMusic, a computer-aided composition environment that has been used by several generations of composers, musicologists, and researchers.

WARNING: incompatible with macOS High Sierra

Musique Lab 2 was created by IRCAM in a close collaboration with teachers from the French educational system. This pedagogical environment allows to experiment with compositional processes for the study of musical works or concepts, ranging from early to contemporary music.

Supplemented with a large number of musical examples and didactic sequences, Musique Lab 2 enables the exploration of sound parameters, the manipulation of musical materials, and the possibility of reconstructing fragments of complex works as if you were in the composer’s studio. The students’ artistic projects also make use of a large number of operators to generate, analyze, or transform musical materials symbolically, in MIDI, or audio.

Musique Lab 2 makes it possible for teachers to put in place innovative teaching methods for their students that:

  • favor the connection between theoretical musical knowledge and a hands-on approach through experimentation,
  • explain and help the students understand works in a composition workshop,
  • support creativity in learning and initiate creative projects

As a part of IRCAM’s partnership with the French Ministry of Education, the Musique Lab applications can be downloaded for free by all establishments that are a part of the French national educational system and their employees: Educnet website. Users not part of the French national educational system must be member of Ircam Forum to gain access.