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Najo Max Interface 2

Live performance and Studio Sound Design simplified with Max.

NMI offers easy access to many of the processing techniques developed at IRCAM without having to be an expert in Max. Its highly intuitive graphical interface makes it possible to assemble several audio modules and facilitates their control via external devices (e.g. MIDI, graphical tablet, joystick, etc.).

Main Features

The NMI interface makes it easy for users to put together synthesis modules, to read samples, and to carry out sound processing so that they can create all sorts of different sounds. NMI includes a mixing table that makes it possible to balance and spatialize the sound sources that are derived from the different modules. NMI enables the control of all the application settings and modules via MIDI controllers or via other controllers such as an osc device or a joystick.

NMI 2.2 includes more than 60 modules such as:

  • Synthesis: oscillators, adsr envelopes, additive synthesis module with morphing between configurations, integration of VST instruments.
  • Reading Samples: Sampler, reads loops in synch with the tempo, granular synthesis with the sogs~ object…
  • Sound Processing: multi-mode filter, delay line with re-injection, harmonizer with psych~ and supervp.trans~, specter shift with re-injection, ring modulation, clipping like in Audiosculpt, VST plugins, generalized cross synthesis…
  • Control: envelope follower, pitch tracker, get external datas from MIDI, OSC, joysticks…