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November 2 Music Font

The ultimate music font for today's music. Exhaustive. Crafted with amazing care.

November 2 is delivered as PostScript outlines wrapped in OpenType format, fully Unicode- and SMuFL-compatible, with useful extras & rich metada, and a comprehensive 200-page documentation.
Compatible with:
- Finale 2012 or superior: full compatibility, for Mac & Windows. Easy conversion from Finale fonts (Maestro, Petrucci, etc.) or from November 1.0.
- Older versions of Finale can also be used with November & NovemberExtra.
- Dorico: optimal compatbility thanks to November’s native SMuFL support.
- Sibelius 6, 7, 8 or superior [please note]: November & NovemberExtra as main fonts, and November2-specific characters can be typed as text. Mac only.
- Lilypond 2.9.15 or superior: excellent compatibility thanks to special .ly "snippets”. Mac, Linux & Windows.
- Potential use with other music notation programs.
- Installers for Mac & Windows, installation script on Linux.
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For Finale, Sibelius & LilyPond. By Robert Piéchaud.

The Beautiful Music Font

November has been praised for years by musicians, publishers and engravers as one of the finest and most vivid fonts ever designed for music notation software.
For use in programs such as Finale, DoricoSibelius or LilyPond, November 2 now includes an extraordinary large variety of symbols, from usual shapes such as noteheads, clefs and rests to rarer characters like microtonal accidentals, early ornaments and clefs, or special instrument techniques, ranging from the Renaissance to today’s avant-garde music, from solo to large orchestral scores.


November 2 has been thouroughly beta-tested by selected international composers and musicians among the IRCAM forum community and beyond ; notably, a subset of November 2 characters has been chosen by the developers of the bach project as their new official font.

Moreover, November 2 is the first commercial font to comply with SMuFL– Standard Music Font Layout -, the future of music font standard initiated by Steinberg Media Technologies and based on Unicode.


The November 2 package includes advanced support for Finale, Dorico, Sibelius & LilyPond, and is delivered with useful extras, rich metadata and a comprehensive 200-page documentation.

Based on the principle that each detail means as much as the whole, crafted with ultimate care, November 2 is a font of unequalled coherence. While in tune with the most recent technologies, its inspiration comes from the art of traditional music engraving.


Whichever period of music you deal with, November 2 will inspire you with its extended symbol palette, and will make your scores look beautiful and vibrant, as never before.

Read more: Makemusic’s Finale Blog: Robert Piéchaud and November 2.

For further information and to download November 2, click here.