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A visual programming environment for Computer Assisted Composition.

OpenMusic allows users to design and run of compositional processes created as visual programs (“patches”). The environment offers a large number of modules, each of which is associated with a specific function or musical object. With just a few mouse clicks, users can create these programs, and generate or transform musical material. Patches can be embedded in each other to create more elaborate programs and structures.

OpenMusic features specialized libraries of functions and objects for applications and musical sound processing techniques for pitch, rhythm, etc., as well as powerful editors that facilitate the display and edition of simple musical objects (e.g. notes, rhythms, and chords) or of polyphonies. Data can be manipulated and displayed in MIDI (‘piano roll’ display), audio files (sound wave display), and SDIF formats. It is also possible to export the score to Finale via MusicXML files.

The “Maquette” editor features high-level time-oriented representation of the overall form of a work, management of all material included in a composition, as well as audio andMIDI playback capabilities.

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Designed and developed by the Musical Representations Team.

Partners : BEKGrame