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OpenMusic Libraries

Extensions of the computer-aided composition environment linking with Ircam tools and technologies.

OpenMusic Libraries provide additional functionalities and technologies to those available in OpenMusic. The Forum distribution includes the following libraries:

  • OM2Csound: Control primitives for Csound sound synthesis.
  • OM-Chant: Control primitives for Chant sound synthesis module using FOFs and vocal simulations.
  • OM-Spat: Sound source and scene spatialisation using Ircam’s Spat rendering technologies.
  • OM-SuperVP: Sound analysis and synthesis using SuperVP engines.
  • OM-pm2: Additive sound analysis and synthesis using Pm2 engine by Ircam (partial tracking, chord-seq analysis, etc.)
  • OM-Diph: Control of concatenative sound synthesis using Diphone engine.
  • OMChroma: High-level sound synthesis authoring and control (requires OM2Csound).
  • OMPrisma: Sound spatialization and spatial sound synthesis modules with OMChroma.

Note: Additional third-party libraries are available on the OpenMusic project page: