alarm/will/sound: A Multidisciplinary Research and Installation Project

An overview of the IRC RĂ©sidence en Recherche Musicale project “alarm/will/sound,” realised as a collaboration between composer Alexander Sigman, the IRCAM Sound Perception and Design (SPD) research team, and Stuttgart-based product designer/visual artist Matthias Megyeri. This article provides a bird’s-eye view of the project’s objectives, phases, and results, peppered with media examples.

Forum at 20

Interview with Vincent Puig, Forum Co-founder, and Arshia Cont, current director, at the occasion of Forum’s 20th Anniversary.

Speaking with hands, Luna Park

In this article, we present the technological developments for the creation of Georges Aperghis’ “Luna Park” where Richard Dubelsky literally speaks with his hand gestures actuating aerial percussions.

Piloting a microtonal organ with OpenMusic

A look at a one-of-a-kind instrument: The Fokker Organ in 31-tone equal temperament, housed at the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam. Using OpenMusic to work with microtones and just intonation, Forty-nine was composed entirely within a maquette, whose MIDI playback was converted to fit the specifications of the Fokker organ’s custom MIDI interface.

Quartett, the Opera

Luca Francesconi’s Opera “Quartett” is the first Ircam production in La Scala hall in Milan, featuring live electronics.

Following the voice in Theater

Use of sound and voice processing in theater

Making an orchestra speak

Speaking is a piece for orchestra and live electronics that employs various offline and real-time technologies for creating a hybrid space between orchestral and speech sounds.