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Optional format keywords in Text export

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I’m a come-back long time Forum member, who has been away for a while. I did a lot of work and research with Audiosculpt. Although recent versions include some text export features that have formerly been covered through sdiftotext utility, I believe it would be great if the export conversion dialog box had an option for including format keywords in the exported text, like sdiftotext does. Without such keywords there is very little chance for another program to automatically recognize and properly import such files in text format – I’m not discussing the SDIF library and possible benefits of binary format over text format.
This is what I’m hoping for to be made possible in a future release:


Date Tue Jan 12 23:45:41 2016 ;
TableName SinusoidalTracks;
WrittenBy Pm2_Version_1.6.40;


1TRC 1 0 0
1TRC 0x0004 0 4

1TRC 1 0 0.0249887
1TRC 0x0004 6 4
1 472.875 0.0111643 3.12353
2 941.967 0.00263521 -1.38797
… … …
… … …

February 4, 2016 at 14:35 #17004

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