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Using mp3s in Audiosculpt

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Hi all,

Can someone please tell me how I can use mp3 files in AS? When I attempt to load an mp3 file, I get these error windows sequentially:

Not Suitable LAME decoder where found. Please install/setup your LAME decoder path in order to use mp3 files.”

Audiosculpt failed to launch Lame () and decode the MP3 File. Verify that you properly installed the LAME encoder !”

Can’t open file X.mp3 Unknown file formant!”

I can also see in the Audio section of Preferences that there is a section that says “LAME executable path (MP3 Decoding) :”

What does all of it mean, and what are my steps towards being able to use mp3s?

Many thanks,

August 5, 2015 at 22:59 #14441

Hi B.

In order to use MP3s with AudioSculpt you need to install the LAME decoder.

You can find packages here:

I’ve put the package installer also here if you want to try this version. (i do not know it will be fine for systems > 10.9 as i am under 10.8, but i believe it should)

AudioSculpt does not stream directly MP3s so it will then use the LAME executable to convert MP3s to a supported format. That means it expects to have write access on the folder you’re trying to read the MP3s from, since it will create a converted version of the file just next to the original.

Best regards,

August 17, 2015 at 09:18 #14494

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