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Looking for (paid!) help on a M4L project

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I have a personal M4L project and I was hoping someone might be able to help.

I’ve built a M4L device that generates pop melody MIDI phrases at the click of a button. The code incorporates a set of phrase-building rules which pull little building blocks of various musical material from a database. Here are some screencasts showing the device at work, generating melodic lines on top of existing backing tracks in a Live project:

Since the demo videos above the interface has been changed and now looks something like the attached image.

I’m now looking for someone to convert this into a Max wrapper connected to an external. The Max wrapper would contain the interface/controls and the code that determines how the generated midi clips interact with Live, and the external would contain the phrase-building rules, and ideally the database of building blocks a too.

This is currently a self-funded project but I do have a budget of sorts. If anyone is interesting in helping with this please do let me know or drop me an email at

Thanks very much!

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  2. EVAbeat-Device


November 22, 2017 at 12:34 #24397

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