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Set Pitch in Mlys

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Questions about pitch control in modal objects and the related parameters pitch and stiffness.
THe modalys doc specifies :

A bi-two-mass can be tuned to a specific pitch [in each of its two vibrational directions], using the (set-pitch …) function, by adjusting one of the following physical parameters:

For example:

(setq my-mass (make-object ‘bi-two-mass))

(set-pitch my-mass ‘stiffness0 220)

In Mlys, a specific message containing the @pitch attribute is supposed to control the pitch. In the inspector : the mass parameter is the pitch-parameter. How can we change this parameter via the message box? How can we check that the mass or the stiffness has been modified by the pitch?

April 1, 2016 at 07:31 #17592

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