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modalys~ tutorials + help files ?

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I am wondering if there are any tutorial for modalys, since the syntax is a little different than modalisp i’m not sure doing the tutorials for modalys is the most straightforward way…
Plus i read somewhere on this forum that there are help patchers in the works for mlys objects. This would be helpful !

Secondly, i’d like to know if it’s possible to use only one modalys~ and a script that allows for several access points, in order to be able to excite a model several times at the same time : the difference with using poly~ would be the interaction between the different excitation. If i type [mlys.point-input 2] ; there are now 2 inlets in the object box, and i would expect there to be 2 outlets ; i really don’t know how to use that. I looked at the mlys introduction in the forum max apps, but there is nowhere a model wiht more than 1 input point.

Lastly, in the application examples of the mlys forum max apps patchers ; a lot of the patchers are unusable because they use too much CPU (especially “Mlys.Stretching”)… though they don’t seem that much complicated… does that mean that doing anything remotely complex will burn my computer ? or are there any optimisation strategies ?
and as a side note : in the forum max apps patch Mlys.Attributes there is no sound, and this because (probably) there are 3 objects with the same name attribute (mlys.mono-string […] @name MyString) – when i remove the 2 objects that are not connected, the patch works ok.

Thanks !

March 13, 2015 at 19:12 #12971

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