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more memory leakage in max 7

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I am having a problem switching between different datasets saved with mubu’s ‘writeall’ command. Using ‘readall’ even with a ‘clearall’ message first does not always free up the memory used by Max, so after switching between a few different sets I always end up with the error ‘out of memory reading data from file …’ even when trying to load a dataset that I just had loaded. This memory problem was a bit better after last weeks mubu update, but then mainly when loading individual files and not whole datasets.
I am using mubu 1.8.12 on Max 7.2.1 (mac), running in 32-bit mode as I am dependent on some ftm object so I guess that limits how much data I can load into mubu, but since I am able to load any of these sets after a fresh reboot of Max it seems strange to not be able to switch between them as well without rebooting.
In Max 6.1 this problem does not occur so that could be a workaround. I am not entirely dependent on Max 7, but it would be nice to have it work there as well.

Daniel Formo

April 20, 2016 at 13:12 #17744

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