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Segment duration

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I’m currently exploring MuBu, playing around with the help and tutorial patchers, e.g. onseg-with-fft-sum in MuBu-howto-segmentation. It seems that I’m blind because I didn’t find a way to change the maximum duration of segments of 1 s in playback with mubu.concat~. I tried out setting @period to 0 3, adding @duration 12000 and @maxduration 12000, the longest segment duration played is always 1 s, although the longest duration in the segments track is by far longer than this. What must one do to get longer durations?

September 4, 2017 at 14:29 #23516
Profile photo of Kai Yves Linden

Is the maximum duration of segments played back by mubu.concat~ 1 second?

September 18, 2017 at 11:46 #23728
Profile photo of schwarz

Hi Kyl, it is what you give as @maxduration (default 5000 ms). If it doesn’t work for you, can you post an example patch that shows the problem?

September 18, 2017 at 12:04 #23729
Profile photo of Kai Yves Linden

Hallo Diemo, thank you for your reply.

I’m just playing around with the tutorial patch MuBu-Overview/tutorials/MuBu-howto-segmentation/onseg-with-fft-sum. For example, when I load a sound file from my archives and apply an onseg.threshold of 25 to the {{mubu.process […] onseg […]}}, I get the following dump from a mubu.track fftsumseg seg (which I added to examine the content of the track):

data: 5.333333 6517.333496
data: 30848. 7994.666504
data: 38842.667969 3541.333252
data: 42384. 3189.333252
data: 45573.332031 906.666687
data: 46480. 4848.
data: 51328. 22229.333984
data: 75504. 2704.
data: 78208. 17850.666016
data: 96058.664062 3104.
data: 99162.664062 3797.333252
data: 102960. 933.333313

Thus, almost all segments are longer than 1000 ms. However, when I trigger segments with the cursor in the imubu, {{mubu.concat~}} only plays the first second (repeating it until I displace the cursor). Increasing {{@duration}} or {{@maxduration}} or other attributes I tried out didn’t accomplish to overcome the 1 second limit. So my (maybe kind of stupid) question is: How does one increase the maximum playback duration per segment?

September 18, 2017 at 22:29 #23749
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(Don’t be confused by the double curly brackets. I lapsed into another Wiki syntax for code style, sorry. Just read code in place of {{…)

Cheers, Kai Yves Linden

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September 18, 2017 at 22:37 #23750

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