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Segmentation Questions

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I have some questions concerning segmentation of MuBu buffers.

I have built a patch, with which I am trying to segment buffers in different ways. Live spoken voice is recorded into a buffer, and I try to segment the voice into words, phonemes, and smaller segments.

I have copied over the Onseg attributes from the example ‘catart-mubu-live’ patch. I am having trouble deciphering exactly what each option controls, and I wonder if anyone here can provide me with descriptions in plain language for any or all of these attributes.

Here are the segmentation attributes:

onseg.threshold — Onset Threshold (dB).
onseg.offthresh — Offset Threshold.
onseg.durthresh — Duration threshold.
onseg.mininter — Minimum Onset Threshold.
onseg.maxsize — Maximum Segment Duration (0 = unlimited).
onsef.filtersize — Median Filter Size.
onseg.odfmode — Onset Detection Calculation Mode.
onseg.startisonset — Mark start of buffer.

Thanks for any help provided!


July 8, 2016 at 15:55 #18490

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