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control-pertb recursive index values

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I’m working on a piece in which I want to systematically distort a short, 4-note melodic cell by using the control-pertb function from the Profile library (I attached a patch in progress if you want to have a look). While keeping the multiplier factor the same (10), I want to recursively transform the list of index values (0 5 10 15) to produce a list of numeric patterns featuring slightly non-linear proportions (see numbers on left), resulting in the following lists (the numbers on the right refer to the actual list of index values used in my project):

(0 1 2 3) | (0 5 10 15)
(0 1 2 4) | (0 5 10 20)
(0 1 3 4) | (0 5 15 20)
(0 2 3 4) | (0 10 15 20)
(1 2 3 4) | (5 10 15 20)

These index values should be then used with control-pertb function to derive a list of melodic cells, each systematically transformed by the increasing list of index values, and eventually displayed in the chord-seq. While I’m able to compute most of this by hand, I’m looking to automate the process, so to speak. I know that at least one om-loop has to be used here, along with perhaps a modified arithm-ser function to produce a systematically modified list of index values of equal size, each keeping the same growth pattern size (5).

Thank you all in advance for any feedback you’d like to share! I appreciate the opportunity to learn more…

March 30, 2018 at 17:16 #26085

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