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OM 6.12 – 64-bit release for Linux – rpm and deb

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Hi all.

OM 6.12 is released as a 64-bit build. Available as .rpm, .deb and .tar.bz2 at

The rpm is packaged on Fedora 24.

The deb is packaged on Ubuntu 16.04.2 (running in a VM, minimally tested).

The tar-ball doesn’t care. After extracting, OM can be run without installation from inside the extracted folder. The only caveat is the fonts (omfonts) need to be installed at the usual place. They may be copied from the resources/ folder to e.g. /usr/share/fonts.

Please report bugs!


March 16, 2017 at 11:45 #21868
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If useful, I wanted to say that on Fedora 20, using the .tar.bz2 version, and following Anders’s instructions in “OM 6.11 64-bit for Linux” duscussion for compiling, OM 6.12 works good. I have noticed only one little problem in recognizing some precedent user-defined classes in OM-Chroma, but I am working on it.

Thank you all for this new release. Best


March 16, 2017 at 12:39 #21879

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