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i have a patch calling the function om-mod which can apply mod function to lists. it was working up to version 6.6 for sure. then i didn’t use it until now in version 6.12 in both macosx and windows. i couldn’t find it in the patches folder nor elsewhere. but when i double-click in a patch and call it, it appears with no problems under 6.6. newer versions say this function does not exist.
any help on this is greatly appreciated,
thanks in advance,

additional edit: i’m suspecting it loads from a library i’m not using in 6.12 (but not sure which might be).

edit 2: i’ve found om-mod, is part of the om-combine library by mikhail malt. sometimes this library won’t load, it seems that conflicts with other. if i load it first alone, it goes everything ok. i should put some care with libraries, and manually load only those needed. it happens something similar with the last om-tristan library.
well, problem solved. i should have researched a bit more before submitting.
thanks anyway again!

thanks again!

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July 31, 2017 at 04:27 #23289
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Dear Perti,

The reason you didn’t find om-mod is that it has been replaced longtime ago in OM by om// method.
It’s practically the same.

Now concerning combine library it’s because it conflicts with other libraries . If i remember well some name functions are method elsewhere and vice-a-versa.
But i think these conflicting issues are fixed now woth the latest releases of omtristan, etc…


August 1, 2017 at 19:02 #23324

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