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PM-2 Library not working

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I’m trying to use, for the first time, the Pm2 library. Unfortunatly I get the folowing message: “PM2 not found! Set path to pm2 in the OM preferences.”

So I did that and it didn’t work either. I tryied to load the library using different methods. The strange thing is that the objects appear, tha library seams to be working fine, but when I try to evaluate it the patch doesn’t work.

Any tips for me?

Thank you very much!

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July 29, 2017 at 01:14 #23260
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Hi Buck,

The strange thing is that the objects appear, tha library seams to be working fine, but when I try to evaluate it the patch doesn’t work.

This is not that strange: OM-pm2 works with and external DSP kernel called pm2. Everything can be ok without the pm2 DSP kernel until you actually perform a call to it.

In your case (from what I can see from the screen):
– You don’t need to put OM 6.12/libraries/ in the libraries preference. This is considered by default. This prefernce is for when you use additional libraries that you put in another folder (which I kind of recommend, especially now on Sierra where accessing files in the “/applications/ folder can be problematic — see )

– Where you should look is in the “Externals” tab of the preference and check if OM-pm2 found its pm2 kernel.
If it’s not (pathname written in red) you can try to restore the default using the “Restore” button.
Otherwise, you can maybe specify it yourself (it is in OM-pm2/resources/bin/mac/


July 31, 2017 at 01:04 #23288
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Hi Jean, thank you for you answer.

Yes, now I understand the problem. Acctually I found this library in an old HD of mine, from the days I bought them from the forum. I realised now that it didn’t came with the “bin” folder and the address that appears in the externals, from the preference’s menu, is linked with audiosculpt’s kernels (a software I don’t have anymore in my system).


I guess I won’t be abble to use this library anymore. Is there another opption to do partial tracking? Maybe in Tristan’s library?

Thank you again,


August 2, 2017 at 11:43 #23353
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I think you got the point.
The path to the pm2 kernel can be either in the library (recent versions) or in AudioSculpt.
In more recent versions, where the pm2 kernel is shipped in the library, the AudioSculpt option makes no much sense anymore, but is still possible.
In both cases however, you need to have an active forum license in order to get pm2 running (the OM lib itself is not protected, but the internal DSP kernel is).
No other OM library will allow you to do that, but you can alternatively use the Spear software to perform the analysis, export it as an SDIF file and import that SDIF file in OM for further processing.

August 2, 2017 at 13:32 #23354

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