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SDIF dynamic library

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Dear all, I often have problems with libSDIF.dynlib (see attached image), normally importing spectral analysis. The most annoying thing is that after this sort of errors one cannot import any analysis data anymore and the only way out is to quit and re-open OM. The bug is there since at least a couple of years (sorry, I should have pointed it out earlier). Am I the only one having this problem ?
Ah, another detail … I’m multithreading as much as I can these days, it works like charm with SuperVP and CSound but for some reasons it’s only possible to run batch spectral analysis with PM2 on a single thread without incurring errors. I guess this is also linked to some fragility of libSDIF.dynlib (just guessing).

All the best to you all and happy 2018


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January 11, 2018 at 17:23 #24808

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