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unable to make a reference mode. to work….

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Good morning to everybody

I have a silly question……

I can’t use a reference mode (in patch or maquette)
to connect it (for example),
to a sheet class (or elsewhere…. ).
Im getting in lisp listener the follow:

OM > “Warning — Connecting box 4.aiff: target input has no box reference.”

Its something important to do I know, before putting a patch or a maquette in reference
mode , but I don’t know it…….. (I’m studying the manual but I can not solve the problem)

I would be happy if someone had the noble good to solve this bizarre, or even better if I was sent a simple example of how the reference process works (

I would really appreciate it

  1. Screenshot-2018-12-22-at-10.37.15


  2. Screenshot-2018-12-22-at-10.37.15


December 22, 2018 at 09:46 #28633
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Hello Thanasis,

The “reference” mode allows one to return the object that is the “reference” of a box, not the result of its evaluation [ see: ].

For instance, of you eveluate a patch box in reference mode, your return the patch, whatever is inside.

It is pretty rare that you have to use it in most “normal” OM situations. One example is for instance if you wan to algorithmically build a maquette and insert patches in it (temporal boxes) [ see : ] or if you want to modify its contents from an other oM patch [ see: ].

I don’t really know what is the problem you are trying to put forward with the screenshots you attached. Please be more specific if there is something more.



December 22, 2018 at 10:13 #28638
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Thanks a lot Jean

I will do your instructions as soon as possible,
it would be very useful to find tutorials for the openmusic , especially for those who are far from Paris,
And thank you very much.
(unfortunately maybe I will bother you again …)


December 22, 2018 at 12:47 #28639

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