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Bouncing VBAP mix for binaural rendering

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Dear T, P. and anyone :)

hope you are well.

I have finished my major project, a mix that uses both nfcHOA and VBAP mixing for different objects, for a custom loudspeaker array. Now I would like to take this same mix (obviously make some adjustments) and bounce it in 3OA or 4OA because I have to send it for a presentation where we are going to play the mix, on another set of speakers.

How would you approach the VBAP bouncing in this case?

I am looking forward to hearing from you,


May 24, 2017 at 00:28 #22439
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Hi Axel,

It’s not completely clear: the title of your post suggests a binaural mix while in the body of the message you want to deliver a HOA bounce…
But anyway, this does not really impact my answer; I think you have two options:
1) every elements that were panned in vbap should now be encoded to HOA. So basically, instead of sending these signals into a vbap pan~ (or spat~),
send them to a HOA pan~ (or spat~). And bounce again the whole thing, all in HOA.
2) take the speaker feeds signals for the vbap layer and encode them as (static) virtual sources in a HOA encoder. (e.g. virtual loudspeakers paradigm).

Option 2 is rather straightforward and does not require much time/effort.
On the other hand, option 1 offers more flexibility (you can tweak the new mix more precisely) and will probably provide better results. (doing a “native” mix in the targeted format is usually better than relying on virtual loudspeakers)

Dont know if this is really clear…


May 25, 2017 at 12:18 #22445
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Hi T.

So sorry, I was quite in a rush and yep it doesn’t look clear at all, my apologies. I wrote for binaural rendering, that would be just one of the two rendering options, the other would be for a loudspeaker system. Do you want me to delete it and re-post it again with another title?

All perfectly clearm that’s what I thought too, but I wanted to hear if there were other options available. The option 1 sounds much better, as I don’t have the final targeted loudspeaker setup.

Thank you very much.


May 29, 2017 at 08:21 #22455

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