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First multichannel setup w. SPAT

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Dear All,

I’m working on creating a festival for multichannel music and sound design in Copenhagen, DK. The festival will be held at the national danish school of performing arts in the period of 19th – 20th of june 2015 (if anyone by chance are in CPH).

The room size is roughly 20m (l) x 12m (w) x 7,5m (h).

We plan on using a mix of all the loudspeakers we have at the school, which is primarily Meyer UP-Junior, Meyer USW-1P, Genelec 1029A and some different D&B (e3, 702).

We plan on creating sort of a ‘dome’ with two rings of 8 loudspeakers and two speakers on top, then using additional speakers in the corners of the room.

Each ring has loudspeakers pointing inwards towards the middle of the room, and outwards.

We would like the audience to be able to walk through the dome of loudspeakers, and to the ends or walls of the room, and still have a ‘sound experience’, even though it will not be the ‘3D’ sound. Anyway it’s and idea we would like to try out.

I have attached two EASE drawings of the speaker setup.

We would like to try out SPAT, but are in doubt of which kind of panning method is the best to use, and / or if it makes sense to use SPAT in this speaker setup.

Also – if there are good ideas for the calibration of the system, to prepare it for a specific panning method in SPAT, then we are all ears! :)

Hope you have some good ideas on how to proceed with the project,

All the best,

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May 19, 2015 at 11:01 #13633
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Hi Lasse

I am curious to hear how you managed to work with a setup like this, as I am working on a similar project now.
I would be great to get in touch, maybe via email?

Looking forward to hearing from you

Kind regards
Axel Drioli

November 16, 2016 at 16:08 #19814

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