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HOA normalization

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I’ve become confused with the options for normalization in the HOA patchers of spat5. There is an option for both FuMa and MaxN which has confused me.

In the help patch for spat5.hoa.converter~ it states “FuMa and MaxN are almost the same. The only difference is a sqrt(2) = 3dB gain on the W-channel”. However, I am not certain that this is correct.

Is not Classic Gerzon – FuMa actually the following?
W: 1/sqrt(2); -3dB
X: 1: 0dB
Y: 1; 0dB
Z: 1; 0dB

Where as maxN is the following:
W: 1; 0dB
X: 1; 0dB
Y: 1; 0dB
Z: 1; 0dB

If this is the case, isn’t option listed as MaxN is actually maxN?


October 31, 2018 at 20:04 #28178

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