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Panning types for area-based source spatialization

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I am using spat5 on a dome with 31 speakers (SAT, Montreal). I used vpab3D for the spatialization, which worked pretty well to spatialize the source to a point. However, I would like to also spatialize a source to an area, the size of which would be controlled by a spread parameter. In that case, I would like to output to more than 3 speakers. What would be the best panning type for having both point-wise and area-based spatialization? Also, I was looking for a manual for spat5, and the manual on the page is from 2012, and I think it is for spat3. Is there a spat5 manual somewhere?

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August 6, 2018 at 14:12 #27399
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Choosing “the best panning type” in your situation is not only a technical question, but also a matter of artistic taste. So I cannot give you a definitive answer.
Most panning algorithms support a “/spread” message that is documented e.g. in the spat5.pan~ help patcher. The parameter allows to output to more than three speakers.
For 3D spatialization (in the SAT dome), you can basically use vbpa3d, ambisonic (hoa3d) or knn. KNN panning has another parameter (/neighbors) that defines the number of contributing loudspeakers; this can also be used to sort of control the “point-wise vs area-based” rendering.
You’ll have to try out (and maybe mix up) the different approaches.

The Spat5 user manual PDF is included in the DMG package, in the “docs” folder. I have also updated the online PDF.
Note however that this PDF only describes the general concepts / framework of spat. For “technical” documentation, you have to navigate through the help patchers and reference pages (the “?” tab in each help patcher). You can also send the “/help” message to a given spat5 object.


August 7, 2018 at 09:36 #27404
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I was using spat 5.0.0. vbap3D was outputting only 3 channels at a time, and it seemed like the spread parameter didn’t have any affect. I have downloaded version 5.0.5, and spread works! Thanks for uploading the manual as well.

August 8, 2018 at 11:41 #27413

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