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Panoramix in Windows

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I am actually trying the Linux version of Panoramix (thank you for making it free !), and I wish to have some informations considering the Windows version before buying it. The Quick-Start guide is very quick on Windows !
My main question is : does anybody tried it with Reaper’s ReaRoute ?
It is an ASIO Driver that allows to send and receive multichannel flux from ASIO hosts directly on Reaper’s tracks, so it will be ideal if Panoramix is full ASIO compatible.
Thank you !

May 5, 2017 at 10:51 #22267
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On Windows (and macOS), the panoramix happens to be a “Max/MSP standalone” application (unlike the Linux version).
It is therefore compatible with any audio driver that Max supports. Consequently ASIO is supported.
Also, I made a very quick test with ReaRoute and it worked OK. (maybe this would require more extensive tests, but at least I was able to convey audio stream from Reaper to panoramix and back to Reaper).


May 5, 2017 at 16:18 #22279
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PS: I very much hope that panoramix will work on your Windows platform and that it would suit your needs.
However, should you face any compatibility issues, Ircam would of course re-imburse your purchase.

PPS: sorry, that the Quick-Start guide is not as detailed as it should. I will try to improve that someday.

All the best,

May 5, 2017 at 21:44 #22281
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Thank you very much : so I think that it will be perfect.

By the way, I have not found in the Linux version how to export and import a speaker layout between busses or presets.
Is there a way or is this possible in the Mac/Windows versions ?

May 6, 2017 at 08:32 #22284
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Hi again,

First, a precision: besides very minor details, the functionalities are strictly the same on all three platforms (mac/win/linux).

Now, regarding your question: there is currently no graphical way to “import/export” a speaker layout across busses.
However, panoramix presets are stored as text files; consequently it is possible to manually edit these text files so that you could easily copy/paste a layout between busses or presets.
Please note however that manual edition of these text files is “a bit risky”; if you make a mistake, you may end up in inconsistent settings and this could create rendering issues or even crashes. So be careful. In particular, the order of the messages is quite important and should not be messed up.
I would therefore recommend to restrict such manual editing to very simple operations (editing the speaker positions is a good candidate).


May 6, 2017 at 09:51 #22292
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Thank you for the answer… well, I suppose that it will be a feature for the v 1.0 version 😉
Until then, it will be safier for me to do the decoding outside…

Now I have purchased Panoramix and done some first tests.
The Rearoute connexions works nearly as expected, there is only one problem : I am unable to make Panoramix receive and send more than 16 channels when I set Reaper to send and receive a 5th order 36 channels flux.
I know that it is Rearoute’s default setting, but I have it set for 64 channels I/O and I can use it like this in other applications without having anything to change.
Do you know how to remove this limit in Panoramix ?
Thanks !

May 6, 2017 at 11:06 #22306
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I think this is possible.
1) In panoramix, click on the “edit” button. This will “reveal” the Max patch.
2) In the patcher, double-click on the dac~ object. This pops up the “Audio Status” window.
3) Then click “Audio Driver Setup” and
4) change the number of ASIO channels (which by default is 16).
This seems to work (again, very quick test only).

(hopefully you have to do that only once)


  1. Capture-d’écran-2017-05-06-à-14.16.09


  2. Capture-d’écran-2017-05-06-à-14.16.09


May 6, 2017 at 13:17 #22307
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Once again, thank you for your fast support !
The Rearoute channels number was not in cause (it was already 64), it was the channels groups from 17 that were turned off, apparently by default.
So now, everything seems to work as expected with up to 64 IO :-)
Apart from this little subtlety, it is very fast and easy to configure with Reaper and doesn’t need any third party addon.
Good to know…

May 6, 2017 at 13:59 #22310

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