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Spat 4.7.6

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Dear all,

A new Spat version is available for download.

Below is a recap of all the changes since last year (bug fixes, new features, new objects).
Please be aware that there are few compatibility breaks with previous versions; it should be rather straightforward to upgrade your patches though.
Feel free to ask questions.

Download page :


Release Version : 4.7.6
Release Date : 11/2014

* live resizing of GUI windows for : spat.viewer,, spat.frequencyresponse,
spat.spectroscope~, spat.waveform, spat.zpplot, spat.bpc, spat.edc, spat.mixingtime,
spat.matrixctrl, spat.sfinfo
* spat.sfplay~ and other objects : now supports MP4, CAF, AIFC, M4A, AAC file reading
* added spat.cascaderesampler (beta version)
* fix bug with spat.eigenencode~ : first buffer after switching dsp on was containing NaN
* spat.hoasorting~ : cpu optimization
* added spat.rename : rename/re-label ‘source’ or ‘speaker’ messages
* added spat.ebur128~ : loudness measurement according to the EBU R128 standard
* spat.viewer, spat.oper : added ‘snapshots’ (similar to ambimonitor). see help patch
* spat.viewer, spat.oper : added several keyboard shortcuts. see help patch
* spat.viewer : WARNING WARNING : changing the outlets :
one single outlet for aperture, yaw and radius.
one new outlet for snapshots
* spat.viewer, spat.oper : WARNING : deprecated messages ‘showsource’, ‘hidesource’,
‘hidespeaker’, ‘showspeaker’.
Instead use : ‘source [index] visible [int]’ or ‘speaker [index] visible [int]’
* spat.viewer, spat.viewer.embedded : added ‘layout’ attribute for multi-view
* spat.viewer, spat.viewer.embedded, spat.oper : added multi-source selection and movement
* spat.bpc : many new features (still a work in progress)
* added spat.hoavector (beta) : computes energy and velocity vectors

Release Version : 4.7.5
Release Date : 09/2014

* spat.smk~ : fix minor bug with auto-generated matlab scripts
* spat.smk~ : fix rare bug (asynchronicity between sweep and recorded signal) leading to a time shift
of the IR.
* spat.frequencyresponse : added ‘display’ attribute
* spat.hrtf.infos, spat.pan~, spat.spat~, etc. : updated with the latest version of SOFA (hrtf files)
* fix possible hang with vbap panning when numspeakers is high (typically > 64)
* added spat.thru~
* spat.viewer : added speaker selection message on the ‘mouse’ outlet
* added spat.ms2string
* spat.transpan~ :
– slightly changed the front/back law
– CTC filters are now computed on the fly, from the binaural filters (.hrtf)
– added attributes for CTC EQ calculation: ‘method’, ‘highpass’
– deprecated ‘nearfield’ attribute
– the object now reports its latency (through the rightmost outlet)
– added ‘blurfront’ and ‘blurback’ attributes
– changed the direct/trans eq filters (and messages)
– updated the abstractions
– added +6 dB on the transaural layer
– dry/wet gain is now linear instead of sin/cos power law
– deprecated hoa panpot type (i.e. ‘panning’ attribute)
– deprecated ‘stereodownmix’ mode
– deprecated ‘downmixdelay’ and ‘downmixgains’ attributes
– added 2 outlets for binaural mix (always running)
* added spat.transpan.enlarger~ : stereo enlarger with 3-band control
* added spat.transpan.downmixer~ : 5.1 to stereo downmixer
* spat.rat, spat.hybrid~ : fix minor bug with IR analysis
* spat.equalizer : added ‘controllers’ attribute
* spat.equalizer : double-click on a curve will reset to default values
* added spat.cross3~ : 3-band crossover using Linkwitz–Riley topology
* spat.smk~ : dictionary is automatically output whenever the state of the object changes
* spat.reverb~ : minor cpu improvement
* spat.matrixctrl : ‘numrows’ and ‘numcols’ attributes can now be dynamically changed
* spat.meter~ : added ‘style’ attribute
* spat.viewer : added attributes ‘sourceslevels’, ‘speakerslevels’, ‘showsourceslevels’,
‘showpeakerslevels’ (see help patch for details)
* fixed spat.send~ and spat.receive~ on windows
* spat.hostinfos : added ‘screensize’ message

Release Version : 4.7.4
Release Date : 05/2014

* fix possible crash with spat.eq~.control
* fix possible crash with spat.sfrecord~
* spat.pan, spat.pan~ : changed the “spread” law.
* spat.pan : removed attribute ‘interpolationtime’ which was useless
* spat.pan : fix bugs with ‘vbip’ and ‘vbip2d’ panning types
* spat.pan : ‘type’ attribute can now be dynamically changed
* spat.distance : added ‘type’ attribute
* spat.spat~ : fix possible freeze upon initialization of the object with vbap or vbip panning
* added spat.smpte~ : decode LTC to produce SMPTE code (based on Andrew Gerzso’s developements)
* spat.pansig~ : fix possible crash when initializing the object
* spat.pansig~ : added signal inlet for spread (rightmost)
* spat.oper_ : extended maximum source distance to 300m
(so that direct filter can go down to -infinity when source is infinitely far away)
* spat.cascade~ : added message ‘channels’
* added
* added spat.equalizer : yet another filtergraph (alpha version)
* spat.fileinfo : added message ‘openwith’
* spat.pansig~ : fix bug with ‘bypass’ message
* spat.frequencyresponse : added ‘xtick’ and ‘ytick’ attributes

Release Version : 4.7.2
Release Date : 04/2014

* spat.spat~ : significant cpu improvement (about 10 – 15% less than previous versions)
* added spat.airabsorption : computes air attenuation and sound speed according to atmospheric conditions
* spat.decoder~ @type hoa : added “dumpmatrix” message (cf spat.decoder~ help patch);
fix “postmatrix” message (the matrix was transposed)
* all objects : improved inlets/outlets description
* spat.oper : fix error message with ‘defer’ attribute
* added a few abstractions : spat.routesource, spat.renamesource
* added spat.matrixctrl : similar to matrixctrl with extended features
* all GUI objects : minor improvements with the ‘windowtopleft’ attribute
* spat.oper : fix bug with drop < 0
* added spat.print : post messages with colors
* added spat.velocity : estimate sources speed

Release Version : 4.7.1
Release Date : 03/2014

* spat.viewer : fix minor bug with ‘height’ attribute
* spat.pan~ : fix bug with knn panning when numneighbors = numspeakers
* spat.viewer, spat.viewer.embedded : added attribute ‘defer’ : this determines the behavior of the graphic refresh.
The value ‘defer = 1′, corresponds to the operating mode in previous versions :
each message is deferred and triggers a refresh. The low-priority queue may become backlogged
and the UI irresponsive if the messages rate is too high.
With ‘defer = 0′, messages are not deferred, and the UI refresh is queued until the next service of the
low-priority thread.
NB : The default value is ‘defer = 0′
NB : This DOES NOT work yet for spat.oper or other GUI objects
* all objects : avoid crashes when loading corrupted or weird audio files

Release Version : 4.7.0
Release Date : 02/2014

* spat.viewer : added message ‘adjustzoom’
* spat.viewer : added attribute ‘autozoom’
* spat.sfplay~, spat.sfrecord~ : added supbport for WAV RF64 files
(WAV extension for files larger than 4 Go; the new maximum filesize is now approximately 16 exabytes)
* spat.viewer / spat.oper : deprecated messages like ‘source 1 30 1 0′ (index azimuth distance elevation).
The format identifier (e.g. ‘source 1 aed 30 1 0′) is now mandatory.
* spat.hostinfos : added ‘folder’ message to retrieve the folder of the current patcher
* added spat.fileinfo : retrieves various infos about files
* added spat.zpplot : plot poles/zeros of a cascade of biquads
* added spat.transform : performs translation, rotation, scaling of sources/speakers positions.
spat.transform comes as a replacement of spat.translate and spat.rotate which will be deprecated
* spat.spectroscope~ : added ‘smoothing’ attribute; added ‘fill’ attribute; added messages to ‘fill’ and ‘show’
each channel individually.
* spat.frequencyresponse : added ‘fill’ attribute
* spat.waveform : added ‘toprulercolor’ attribute
* spat.waveform : fix bug with ‘vline’ mode
* spat.waveform : fix several bugs when no audio waveform was loaded
* spat.eigenencode~ : improved transcoding process; improved soft-limiting compensation; improved cpu
* spat.spat~ : fix denormal bug when @parallel is enabled
* spat.conv~ : changed minimum blocksize to 32 instead of 64
* all dsp objects : fix minor bug with ‘automute’ attribute
* spat.meter~ : added ‘clearsolo’ message
* spat.knn : fixed bug when numneighbors > 1
* spat.pan, spat.pan~, spat.spat~, spat.pansig~ : added new panning type : ‘knn’. This performs amplitude panning
on the k-nearest loudpseakers (somehow similar to dbap then) (alpha version)
* spat.viewer : added ‘rightclicklock’ attribute (enable/disable right click)
* spat.viewer, spat.oper : now supports rectangular window. Attribute ‘windowsize’ is replaced by ‘width’ and ‘height’.

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