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User group for Spat, panoramix, ToscA , and ADMix

Spat 5.0.1

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Dear all,

Spat 5.0.1 is now available for download.
Please report any issues.

For further informations about Spat v5, please read here


Release Version : 5.0.1
Release Date : 03/2018

* spat5.sfrecord~ : fix possible scheduling issue with /record message
* spat5.sfplay~ : fix possible scheduling issue with /start and /stop messages
* all objects with /open message: fix possible utf8 encoding issue with file path
* all objects with /open message: fix possible issues with file path like “Macintosh HD:/Users/etc”
* added spat5.version
* added documentation for B-format and UHJ processing
* added new abstraction patchers for TransPan
* spat5.wfs.config : now export areas containing virtual grid
* ADM : fix issue with Cartesian flag
* spat5.panoramix~, spat5.hoa.compensation~ : fix possible overload/NaN with allrad decoder
* spat5.spat~ : added “/parallel [boolean]” message
* : supports ADM files with multiple audioProgrammes. Updated patchers.
* spat5.panoramix~ : fix bug with /channel/*/gain/db messages for Multi tracks
* spat5.panoramix~ : fix crash with Multi tracks
* spat5.binaural~, spat5.pan~, spat5.panoramix~ : fix major bug with binaural processing

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