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User group for Spat, panoramix, ToscA , and ADMix

Spat 5.0.2

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Dear all,

Spat 5.0.2 is now available for download. Plenty of new things in the changelog (see below).
Please report any issues.

For further informations about Spat v5, please read here


Release Version : 5.0.2
Release Date : 05/2018

(items marked ‘experimental’ are subject to change at anytime…)

* all objects : improved error messages
* spat5.pan~ : added documentation about binaural geometrical models
* added spat5.hoa.binaural~ : transcodes HOA stream to binaural (experimental)
* all objects : fix issues with utf8 characters
* ADM renderer : added output routing matrix
* spat5.speaker.config : minor improvements
* ADM renderer : fix mute/solo for multi programs ADM files
* panoramix : added b-format track
* vbap, vbip, allrad : improved triplet visibility tests
* spat5.panoramix~ : fix HOA focus and HOA blur bypass not working
* spat5.hoa.aformat~ : added high-cut filter; minor improvements
* spat5.osc.slashify : minor change for list of symbols
* added new ambisonics tutorials
* spat5.panoramix : now supports OSC messages /layout, /grid, /display, etc. to tweak the viewer window
* spat5.pan, spat5.pan~ : added divergence option (experimental): automatic spread for source close to the origin
* added tutorial for compatibility with AmbiX, ICST, HoaLibrary
* spat5.panoramix : fix bug with /set/track messages
* spat5.panoramix : added some touch messages (experimental)
* spat5.hoa.focus, spat5.panoramix : double-click now resets the selected beam to default
* spat5.hoa.em32~, spat5.panoramix~ : fix issue with method 4 encoding
* spat5.osc.print : added optional timetag
* spat5.viewer : added several options for areas’ display (border color, fill color, thickness, etc.)
* added spat5.constraint : apply constraints to coordinate messages
* spat5.panoramix : fix issues with bypass of delays
* spat5.panoramix, spat5.sofa.loader : fix refresh of HRTF list not working
* panoramix : added a-format track
* spat5.osc.record~ : fix strange bug with incoming time signal
* spat5.osc.record~ : fix crash when inserting OSC bundles
* spat5.osc.record~, : added message “/memory/clear time1 time2″, and “/memory/offset”
* spat5.frequencyresponse : added load message; improved resolution
* spat5.panoramix : fix tiny issue with output vumeter visibility
* spat5.panoramix : increased maximum reverb time
* spat5.filterdesign, spat5.equalizer, spat5.panoramix : improved filter stability
* added spat5.hoa.metrics : compute and display metrics for HOA decoders
* spat5.osc.trim : added option to trim end of pattern
* added spat5.hoa.scope~ : RMS metering for HOA 2D/3D sound-field (cpu intensive…)
* spat5.spat~ : improved error messages
* spat5.oper : fix several critical bugs
* spat5.wfs.config : increased maximum distance
* spat5.panoramix, spat5.panoramix~ : lot of internal refactoring
*, spat5.adm.renderer~ : fix several issues with jumpPosition and interpolationLength
* added spat5.distance : compute distances and angles between sources and speakers
* spat5.filterdesign : fix possible crash
* spat5.panoramix~ : fix bug with routing of Monitoring strip
* spat5.smk~ : added /stop message
* spat5.decorrelate~: fix bug when changing /allpass/number
* spat5.decorrelate~: power normalization instead of amplitude normalization of filters
* spat5.hoa.metrics : fix minor bug with energy vector
* updated User Manual PDF
* spat5.panoramix : display speaker positions per bus
* spat5.viewer : added hoa fields
* spat5.spat~ : added several missing parameters for pan (/spread, /divergence, /neighbors, etc.)
* spat5.hoa.rotate~ : fix bug with quaternions
* added spat5.hrtf.infos
* spat5.smk~ : many improvements and new abstraction patchers
* spat5.panoramix : store additional viewer attributes in presets

May 11, 2018 at 09:54 #26510
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Hello T.

I think there’s a little initialization issue with the omni filter’s messages in spat5.oper which prevent it from being properly controlled from outside. I have attached a demonstration patch for confirmation.
Also I have noticed that the spat5.oper_ object has a setting of 8 internals which can’t be modified by the message /internals. Is that a normal behaviour?

Thank you,
Philippe :)

May 11, 2018 at 17:00 #26518
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Hi Philippe,

Indeed the omni filter issue has been reported like 5 min after I uploaded 5.0.2.
So sorry about that.
Here is attached a fixed spat5.oper.

As for spat5.oper_, I’ll have a look at it.


May 11, 2018 at 17:18 #26521
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Here is now a fix spat5.oper_ : it avoids tons of spurious error messages + now has a @internals attribute
(similar to spat5.oper, this cannot be changed on the fly / via messages)

Let me know if that fixes your problems.


May 11, 2018 at 17:44 #26524
Profile photo of puchifilou

Thank you for your time T. it’s now working fine :)


May 11, 2018 at 18:01 #26527
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Given this quite nasty bug reported by @puchifilou (and others), I have uploaded the hotfix v5.0.3.
(Windows build will follow shortly)

Sorry again for the inconvenience. And thanks for your report!

Release Version : 5.0.3
Release Date : 05/2018

* spat5.viewer : added “/layout auto” –> automatically update according to the loudspeaker positions
* spat5.oper : fix bug with /axis or /omni messages (missing notifications)
* spat5.oper_ : fix spurious error messages
* spat5.oper_ : added @internals attribute
* added spat5.printbytes : low-level debugging of FullPacket
* spat5.smk~ : minor improvement in exported matlab scripts; added option for repeated measurements
* spat5.file.infos : fix /launch message on Windows
* minor improvements to the help patchers

May 11, 2018 at 19:26 #26528
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Hi T.,

first, thanks for the great update with spat5, so much amazing tools in one library !
About spat5.oper: we have the possibility to label the sources as it use to be in spat4 with “source name” I think.
In spat4 the name showed up in the viewer and the tab of the .oper, in spat5.oper it only shows up in the viewer and don’t reflect in the tab (it remains S1, S2…)
In a situation with many sources labeled, it can become tricky to find out who’s who in the tabs…
Am I right ?

May 12, 2018 at 09:33 #26529
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Hi Damien,

Thanks for your message and your suggestion.
This is on my todo-list. (Along with tons of other features that used to be ‘fine’ in v4 and need to find their way to v5.)
That one is easy, so it should be ready soon.


May 12, 2018 at 10:20 #26530
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May 13, 2018 at 10:26 #26533

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