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Spat 5 binaural processing

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Hello everyone
Hello T.

There seems to be something wrong with the binaural processing in spat5.
It actually sounds smoother but a lot less externalized than it used to be with spat4. I thought that I was doing something wrong, so I made a simple comparison with the latest Panoramix included in the spat5 release VS Panoramix 1.1.1. I created the same simple configuration on both of them (1 track, 1 binaural bus, direct sound only, same HRTF from the Listen set) and there is clearly a difference. Way less externalization with the latest version.

Some other odd behaviour:
– when applying a SOFA file from the Listen set to spat5.binaural~ (or spat5.pan~) using the /hrtf message I can hardly feel any difference with the default Kemar one. There used to be a huge one with spat4.
– when selecting a HRTF from another set than the Listen one, there is no more sound. Only the Listen HRTFs work for me.

Can anyone make a similar comparison with the latest Panoramix and an old version (or with spat5.binaural~ and an old spat.pan~)?


My configuration:
OS X 10.10.5
Max/Msp 7.3.4 64bits @48kHz only

March 21, 2018 at 22:00 #25960
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Hi Philippe,

Nice catch! There is indeed a nasty/silly bug in latest Spat5/Panoramix where binaural rendering is not correct (at all).
A fixed version will be uploaded shortly.


March 23, 2018 at 11:25 #25982

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