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What's the difference between spat.sfplay~ and the regular sfplay~object?

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I was testing out spat.sfplay~ today, hoping that it would support large (wav64) sound files. However, it did not recognise the files I passed to it, rendered in Reaper. Are there any major differences in terms of features and abilities between the regular sfplay~ object and spat.sfplay~? And how do sfrecord~ and spat.sfrecord~ compare?


September 24, 2015 at 14:05 #14884
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Hi Trond,

Main differences between spat.sfplay~, spat.sfrecord~ and Max/MSP sfplay~, sfrecord~ :
– for many years, sfplay~ and sfrecord~ have been really bogus when numchannels > 8 or when numchannels was not an even number.
I think Cycling has improved that lately, but I cannot say for sure.
spat.sfplay~, spat.sfrecord~ are supposed to work properly for arbitrary number of channels (up to 250).
– spat.sfplay~, spat.sfrecord~ can provide very large buffering in order to avoid drop out even if you dont have a super fast ssd hard drive.
– spat.sfplay~, spat.sfrecord~ support WAV RF64 which allow files larger than the usual 4GB limit.
What exactly is the problem with your files from Reaper ?
Can you send one of these files ?


September 25, 2015 at 02:44 #14890
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just used spat.sfrecord, and sfplay a couple weeks ago to recorded 32inputs ambisonics, live, and played it back with sfplay – worked pretty well – i was even quite surprised by the low need of cpu for that. I got my 32 multichannel wave file – and played it back with reaper also – ddidnt notice anything special…

September 25, 2015 at 08:30 #14891

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