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First official presentation of the MÉTA-INSTRUMENT N°4

On Saturday, January the 19th of 2019, at 5pm at ‘La NEF’, Serge de Laubier and Jérémie Gaston-Raoul will reveal the secrets of the new instrument made in PUCE MUSE : the MÉTA-INSTRUMENT N°4.

Florian Hecker at Ircam

Florian Hecker was an artist in residency at Ircam. He was laureate of the Program Artistic Research Residency 2016. His research domain is the Exploration of compositional use of sound synthesis from the statistical descriptors that are in the current view of sound texture perception and texture synthesis.

Kiwi: Towards an environment for realtime collaborative music creation

And if collaborative approaches would transform our practice of realtime programming,

Generative Notations

David Kim-Boyle is a visiting composer/researcher from the University of Sydney

Tae Hong Park Artistic Residency Program report

Tae Hong Park is a composer, music technologist, and bassist. His work focuses on composition of electro-acoustic

James Bean Report of the Artistic Research Residency

James Bean, artist in residency in 2016-2017, shares his project “Denm (notation environnementale dynamic for the music)”


Square is a sound walk around the place Igor Stravinsky in Paris created by Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch during an artistic research residency at Ircam.

Report of the Forum Ircam Spring 2017

170 participants from 17 countries attended and shared their knowledge, practice and expertise

The First Audiosculpt Tutorial online

The first DIY AudioSculpt

The Ircam Forums around the world

Invited by universities, research and art centers worldwide, the Ircam Forum is Hors les Murs

SMAQRA: the emergence of hybrid string quartet

Beneficiary of a co-commission of the Centre Henri Pousseur and the Tana string quartet with the support of the Sacem for writing a “hybrid string quartet”, Juan Arroyo was recently in artistic research residency at IRCAM to develop chimeric potential of SmartInstruments. In this article, he presents of the genesis of the project and its concept.

ENTROPIA : Towards Immersive Electronic Performance and Sound Architecture in Real-time

Granted by Institut Français, electronic music composer Fraction (Eric Raynaud), was recently in residence at the Society for Arts and Technology in Montreal to create in the Satosphere, a unique immersive space, the basics of Entropia, a new ambisonics electronic performance, in real time, based on the complicity between Spat and graphic sequencer IANNIX. In this Tribune, he surveys the genesis and the concept of the project .

alarm/will/sound: A Multidisciplinary Research and Installation Project

An overview of the IRC Résidence en Recherche Musicale project “alarm/will/sound,” realised as a collaboration between composer Alexander Sigman, the IRCAM Sound Perception and Design (SPD) research team, and Stuttgart-based product designer/visual artist Matthias Megyeri. This article provides a bird’s-eye view of the project’s objectives, phases, and results, peppered with media examples.

Forum at 20

Interview with Vincent Puig, Forum Co-founder, and Arshia Cont, current director, at the occasion of Forum’s 20th Anniversary.

Speaking with hands, Luna Park

In this article, we present the technological developments for the creation of Georges Aperghis’ “Luna Park” where Richard Dubelsky literally speaks with his hand gestures actuating aerial percussions.

Piloting a microtonal organ with OpenMusic

A look at a one-of-a-kind instrument: The Fokker Organ in 31-tone equal temperament, housed at the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam. Using OpenMusic to work with microtones and just intonation, Forty-nine was composed entirely within a maquette, whose MIDI playback was converted to fit the specifications of the Fokker organ’s custom MIDI interface.

Quartett, the Opera

Luca Francesconi’s Opera “Quartett” is the first Ircam production in La Scala hall in Milan, featuring live electronics.

Following the voice in Theater

Use of sound and voice processing in theater

Making an orchestra speak

Speaking is a piece for orchestra and live electronics that employs various offline and real-time technologies for creating a hybrid space between orchestral and speech sounds.