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Florian Hecker at Ircam

Florian Hecker was an artist in residency at Ircam. He was laureate of the Program Artistic Research Residency 2016. His research domain is the Exploration of compositional use of sound synthesis from the statistical descriptors that are in the current view of sound texture perception and texture synthesis.

Kiwi: Towards an environment for realtime collaborative music creation

And if collaborative approaches would transform our practice of realtime programming,

Generative Notations

David Kim-Boyle is a visiting composer/researcher from the University of Sydney

Tae Hong Park Artistic Residency Program report

Tae Hong Park is a composer, music technologist, and bassist. His work focuses on composition of electro-acoustic

James Bean Report of the Artistic Research Residency

James Bean, artist in residency in 2016-2017, shares his project “Denm (notation environnementale dynamic for the music)”

The First Audiosculpt Tutorial online

The first DIY AudioSculpt